NaNoWriMo day ten

There are a few hours left of Monday but I’m going to ease up off the NaNoWriMo for today in preparation for getting back into my favoured routine of being up very early tomorrow to continue. If I write past a certain time at night I find my mind races for the entire night and I can’t sleep, which is a bad trade off considering I’m always more focused in the morning and am looking to really get a lot done tomorrow. My routine has been a bit off the last few days for a few reasons so looking forward to a nice early rise in the morning.

The novels going pretty damn well. I’ve described my two main characters as charlatan ghost hunters but I guess what I really mean is charlatan mediums and in fact only of them pretends to be a medium and the other is sort of his sidekick.

In any case it is a story that features an ensemble cast of characters that are all interlinked in obvious and not so obvious ways.

I’d say that in the novella I finished last month, and what I’m doing right now, and in comparison to my first NaNoWriMo attempt last year (which was my first attempt at anything longer then a short story) I’m delighted with the progress I’m making in my prose writing.



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