So the KKK is opening its doors to everyone now?

Interesting story in the Independent yesterday with the headline 

The new KKK? White supremacist claims race, religion and sexual orientation no barrier for new joiners, but the hoods are compulsory

Now the story details how a guy called John Abarr is the person who wants to start a new KKK group and details how his views have evolved and that –

His evolution culminated in a meeting with the African-American civil rights group the National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People (NAACP), which he decided was a “really good organisation” that he is now attempting to organise a peace summit with for 2015.

Now look, I’m an open-minded person and if people want to heal rifts, move forward and wait, hold up a minute

Members will still be required to wear the KKK’s infamous robes and hoods, and to participate in secret rituals, however.

Secret rituals? ah hell naww, aint nobody stupid enough to be going off to some hidden place with some KKK clan  for no ‘secret rituals’. Trying to sucker in the gays, Muslims and blacks. You can keep your secret rituals.




  1. I saw an article about that online and told my friend the same thing…It’s a trap! LOL! I just wanted to stop by and say thanks for the follow and I’m glad you enjoyed some of my posts. And thanks for giving me the opportunity to check out your blog! Have a great day!

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