NaNoWriMo day 11 +12 update

So yep, still on track but decided to wait to do an update because I was moving things around, changing things, developing the plot along with a whole bunch of thinking.

In the end I’ve ended up moving the story forward by a month, setting it (I think) all within one week and the scope has got larger. Much larger. The story is still taking place in quite a small geographical area, but the steaks are higher – very much so.

I want it to feel claustrophobic and tense (inspired a lot by a novel I read recently but I’ll discus that further down the road)

There’s a theme I’m noticing coming through in my writing recently but again, there’s half a month left to go into details so I’ll leave that for now (partly because I’m doing this update on my phone and whilst it’s easy to do a general update, it’s hard to get into that headspace to be more thorough)

Anyway, the stories coming along very nicely

And is far more supernatural than I ever imagined.


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