NaNoWriMo day 13

My brain feels like it is overheating today. I’ve been putting in some serious thinking time over my plot and direction and where I am going to ultimately end it.

In light of what I said yesterday about the scope of the novel increasing, the ending I had just wasn’t cutting it any more. I have a more fitting ending now and it’s, well lets just say it fits in the grander vision that has formed over this week. It’s definitely the craziest, most off the wall thing I’ve ever written, following in the footsteps of the short story that I wrote recently (the one I’ve been plugging in recent posts haha).

If you’d asked me one year ago if I ever saw myself writing stories that featured things like ghosts, demons, witches, psychics, empaths, heaven, hell and angels, I would’ve laughed and said no way. My writing has always been characterised by real world settings and 90% of the time featured gritty storylines inspired by growing up and living in South London.

The simple fact is my palate has broadened and I’m fusing the stuff I usually do with new elements. I’m injecting a bit of mystery, mischief and magic into that same south London setting. It’s stretching me as a writer, it’s making me think in different ways and consider plots and story lines I’d never have considered before – and I’m loving it.

Alongside this my friend gave me some notes on the novella I finished last month. The notes he gave me were excellent and I can’t wait to go back and see what I’m going to tweak. I’ve got another friend (a non-writer) who will hopefully give me some feedback too. I really want to get that submitted soon.

All in all then, things are moving along smoothly (I wrote 2,000 words today), and hopefully now that I’ve sorted some more plot stuff out and have a end point, I can get some real momentum going.



  1. Every day with our fertile imagination can be as adrenaline-fueled as we wish. It fascinates me at your supernatural slant given your gritty South London pedigree. The passion and confidence carrying you in this new direction belies your maturity. Daily grinding out words on a page over time has opened up possibilities in you, untapped potential salivating over a fresh keg of creativity. Drink up, brother. Sounds like it is already worth it.

    • I definitely see it a sign of maturity. I think as I got older and drifted away from religion (my mum and grandparents are religious, not over zealously so, I guess the same way it’s in the background for a lot of families), I became more set in my beliefs of science and reason and logic etc and always dealt in more ‘realistic’ ‘gritty’ writing.

      But I look at it now and wonder why I went so far in one direction and cut myself off to other avenues. Whether I believe in certain things doesn’t negate that there is a richness in storytelling terms to be plundered, subverted, twisted and all other manner of things. and with that being the case, it opens up things like ghosts and witches etc and these are things that are part of our storytelling heritage as much as anything else.

      hmm, unsure if I’ve explained this very well haha

  2. Actually, I believe I do understand. I had not taken into account your fascination with storytelling, which I agree does lend itself to the classic Aesops, Grimms, CS Lewis fantasies. It took me longer to understand probably because I still travel in the grounded narrative and haven’t written with my feet off the ground. Maybe someday.

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