NaNoWriMo day 14, 15,16

Been a bit lazy with the updates. Needed time away from the computer to chill out, get back outside to do some running and generally just have some down time.

Still up to date on the word count front, approaching the heart of the story now. From here on in it’s pretty relentless.

When it comes to word count, I keep seeing these offers on twitter for services that help you track your word count and I keep thinking to myself ‘what the hell?’ Is it that difficult to keep up with how many words are required or how many you need to do if you fall behind. I’m not missing something here am I?

Away from NaNoWriMo I’ve watched a couple of films that I’ll post reviews up for in December. In fact my drafts folder is filling up with future blog posts which probably won’t see the light of day until December. Some of them might get posted but my concentration is so fixed on this novel my mind is struggling to focus on anything else apart from writing, thinking about the storyline, looking for work and then what’s left over is chill out time.

To that end, I’ve also nearly finished American Horror Story 3 which as usual has been enjoyably crazy TV with some of the best performances, directing and scripts around. This season has been so fantastically over the top.

That’s it for now.



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