Inquisitive: Part 4

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By Hassan Izzo

The question came out in a whisper. Granddad didn’t acknowledge the question at all and I wondered if he’d heard me. I didn’t want to ask again so I settled back into my chair and was about to continue reading my book when granddad closed the Bible, placed it on his chest, and turned his head to look at me.

“I’m terrified.”

Granddad terrified? Never! It was absolutely not the answer I was expecting. I had no idea how to follow up to such an unexpected response but it turned out my granddad had more to say. He held the Bible up in his hands.

“I’m comforted by the words in this though. I know things will be better on the other side, and I’ll get to see your grandma again.” He smiled, opened the Bible again, and continued reading.

I couldn’t help but think how irrational…

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  1. And there it is. You’ve set the stage for a quest, with a proven record of the hero’s fearlessness. This is something he will carry through to the end. I am enjoying the slow build of excitement. Thank you, friend.

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