What I got my mum for christmas

FullSizeRender (1)


So I had to get a little creative this year due to a lack of funds. I think I did OK. My mum used to be a photographer with her own shop and stuff before she got ill – well, she still is a photographer – so I thought that nice box in the picture would be good for some photos and was a little different than a normal photo album.

The photos I decided to put inside are from my grandparents golden wedding anniversary a few years ago.

As for the book, it’s just one that I think she will like. As for the CD, about 5,6, maybe 7 years ago now I put together this playlist for her birthday and she’s always gone on about it. I thought that finally doing another one would be perfect this year. My music selection was way, way limited because of a computer F-up a little while ago and I still haven’t got around to getting everything back on my laptop but I think the playlist is good. The main thing was putting stuff on there that she wouldn’t normally listen to because that was what she commented on as the thing she liked the most last time.


And then finally, my mum is always asking me to share my writing with her, something I have rarely done over the years but seeing as I’ve got that short story being published on the River Ram Press blog that I keep going on about, I thought it would be nice to print it out and let her read it. On reflection, I probably could have a written a better message on the story but its the one she’s been asking specifically to read recently so I must have been thinking just make that clear straightaway haha.

And here it all is in the box, with the added bonus that the short story is completely hidden at the bottom and can’t even be seen until you get to the bottom. I’ll find out what she thinks about it after Christmas dinner tomorrow. Until then, time for bed.

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