So how did my 2014 resolutions pan out then?

The very first post on this blog was way back on January 3rd and detailed my main resolutions for the year ahead. 

So how did it go? Let me take a look.

  • Update my blog twice a week – Monday and Friday

Well, after a while I didn’t religiously stick to the Monday/Friday format but what ended up happening is that I blogged a helluva lot more then I thought I would and got into it way more then I anticipated, to the point that I couldn’t imagine not having a blog, so I class that as a success.

  •  Read more books (at least 12)

Success and then some, although there were a few books that snuck onto and replaced others that I spoke about in this post.

I read some fantastic books this year and am looking forward to drawing up my list of the minimum 12 books that I plan to read in 2015.

Favourite book I read this year? Probably a three way tie between Infinite Jest, Song of Solomon and In Cold Blood. 

  • Watch more films

I didn’t put a number on this but I certainly watched more films than I did in 2013. I’ll have to think about what my favourites were.

  • Keep up the exercise and healthy eating

A categoric success to the point that it’s just part of my lifestyle now. I’ve lost weight, eat in a much healthier way and exercise regularly.

  • Complete 3 screenplays

This was a bust. I actually only completed one so have a big goal to aim for next year. On the plus side, the script I completed is easily the best script I’ve written and is a good benchmark for how much I’ve much improved and how much I want to improve.

  • Complete my novel rewrite

Again, this one was a bust but, I’m not actually not too down about this one, which I’ll go into in a post in a day or two.

I’d say that failing the two writing resolutions on my list probably looks quite bad, but luckily I’ve been making progress in other areas and definitely haven’t stagnated as a writer.

I’ve had a couple of articles published, I’ve got a short story currently being published, and finished a novella that I’m very happy with and am looking forward to trying to get published in the new year.

All in all I’d say this year was a steady one and given me the platform to try and make next year a much bigger year. I’ve definitely got bigger goals for 2015, which obviously now that I’m a confirmed blogger will be talked about in the very near future.



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