Illness and injury – not the ideal way to start the year, but I’m back

I most probably would’ve started this year with a flurry of blogging activity but as it turned out my writerly intentions were dashed as I was laid low by a lightening quick one two combination of illness and a running injury. I wrote a couple of months back about just how rarely I get sick and when all is said and done I was the cause of my short sojourn away from my usual energetic self. I was doing okay up to a couple of days before new year’s eve when I spectacularly lost the discipline I’d been able to maintain for such a long time and began to overindulge in foods that I’d basically moved completely away from and well, my body responded by saying ‘listen champ, you can’t just dump all this shit on me like this with no warning. I thought we had a deal, you treat me good, I’ll treat you good. As it is, you’re gonna have to suffer for a while as a reminder never to do this to me again.’ Point well-made body, and point well taken.

As for the injury, I tweaked something in my lower back, hip area on the left side during a run on that hard frozen ground I took a picture of in one of my last posts. It got steadily worse and again, because that day I went straight out with no real recovery time and had a few – maybe more than a few – drinks that night, my body has I guess been playing catch up on the ol’ healing process because I definitely had a couple of very painful nights. Since then I’ve had a couple of very long sleeps and I’ve righted myself both with the injury and with the feeling poorly.

Still, the time away from the computer has been used wisely in that I’ve done a lot of thinking about just what exactly my aims and goals are for this year. I’ve come up with some big new ones whilst others are a continuation of what I started to put in place last year.

I also had an idea for a short story come to me that I’m very excited to write but I will post about all of that stuff in the coming days.



  1. sometimes an early stumble allows us to reaffirm what is important rather then get complacent that everything’s fine. Though everything may be fine there is always room for improvement.

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