My 2015 Resolutions

Here we are again, resolution time. I’ve already written about how my 2014 resolutions panned out, so what am I looking to achieve this year?

Read at least 12 books again.

I actually read more than 12 books last year and really my aim this year is to read closer to 20, but as I’ve written before, I’m not the quickest of readers; I like to take my sweet time over a book but in saying that, when you’re gripped you find yourself flying through them and, now that I’m back into my reading groove – after a couple of lean years where I didn’t read nearly as much as I would have liked – I seem to naturally be reading quicker in general. But 12 is the minimum. Also, unlike last year I’m not going to do a post saying what those 12 books will be. This year I’m just going to see what takes my fancy as I finish the book I’m reading.

Watch more films.

Again, a repeat from last year, where I ended up watching some great films. I’ve started this year off with Out of the Furnace, Fruitvale Station and Blue Ruin. I don’t know what number I should put on this, I didn’t specify exactly how many films I wanted to get through last year but I should probably have a number to aim for, so I’ll go for 50, which will give me a nice pool from which to choose from for my top 10 of the year come December.

Write two scripts.

OK, so last year I said I wanted to write three scripts and in fact only managed one. This year I want to write two that I have fully fleshed out ideas for – a romantic comedy and a thriller. Not to mention a couple of short scripts I want to write as well.

Complete my novel.

This is one I’ll expand on in a future post.

Find a job.

And not just any job. I’ve already thrown my hat into the ring for a few opportunities which I’ll no doubt talk about soon. In fact I will expand on it.

Quit alcohol for one whole year.

A big goal certainly, and one which ties into a slew of more, how can I say, ‘abstract’ goals which I’ll talk about in a separate post that I’ll simply title ’27,375 days’. I don’t really see it as problematic to achieve, but then right now I’m sat at a computer and not in a bar under the influence of peer pressure to, well, become under the influence of alcohol. But every time I think about a situation where my resolve could be weakened I think, ‘it’s just a year, and it’s just alcohol’. I want to give myself a goal that will challenge and force me to think and act differently in the way I interact with people socially, which ties into a whole host of other changes I’ve made that have been uniformly positive in my life.

That for now will be it.



  1. Along with our fun culture-driven goals it is always exciting to shoot the moon and go bold. No Guinness for 365 days? You are a better man than me, Gunga Din. My bold shot this year is attempting to learn Spanish. So, I say, c’mon, 2015. Bring it on!

    • I was talking to my mum recently about how learning a language, or languages, is something I’m going to do in the future. She actually speaks perfect Italian as well as English.

      My reasoning behind wanting to learn is that some of the greatest thinkers and writers are people from completely different countries and cultures and yet so many people can also express themselves in English. I want to be able to communicate with people in different languages. One of my friends has been learning Spanish and is now fairly fluent and it is a language that would certainly be on my list, along with Italian and French and I would like to attempt something more exotic or far flung, like Japanese.

      No Guinness will indeed be a tough one but I’m certain I’ll hold out.

      Gunga Din is mentioned in one of my favourite books on writing but I’ll admit I have no clue what it’s about apart from it being a poem by Kipling haha.

      And finally, yep, bring on everything 2015 has in store.

      • There are many reasons to learn a new language. On a micro-level I can see how it would benefit my personal life and my work life and on a macro-level I can see how it helps me appreciate ( if only on a small scale) the millions of people who have to learn English alongside their native language in order to be accepted.

        I’m certain you will hold out. Only those who resist temptation know how strong it is.

        Gunga Din is a fun swashbuckling adventure film with Douglas Fairbanks Jr. based on Kipling’s writing. Highly recommended.

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