27,375 days = Your Life

I recently put a question to Google that I’m sure has been asked many times before, which was a combination of words to the effect of ‘how long do we live?’ I say combination of words because I can’t remember the exact words I used but on the day I searched it, that little box at the top popped up which contained the figure in the title of this blog post – 27,375 days. The associated link took me to the website of Joshua Kennon, a prominent man in business circles who you can find out more about here if you wish.

27,375 days equals 75 years. Of course it is just an average (you can check out the average life expectancy by country here), but seeing your life represented in days to my mind has a more sobering, meaningful impact than seeing it represented in years. Although that is just going by how I feel about it and my less than intense research of asking a couple of friends of how it made them feel.

Imagining a little ticker diminishing every day, or visualising a sand timer and seeing the spent days relentlessly piling up at the bottom, provides a crystal clear, easily visualised example of your time slowly coming to an end. It becomes even more poignant when you take into account how many days have already passed. In terms of my life, well let me see, in less than a month I will be 29, so 29 x 365 = 10,585, now let’s do 27,375 – 10,585, which = 16,790.

Going by the formula I have roughly 16,790 days left. I suppose you could take the view that all of this seems quite macabre, measuring and quantifying something as fluid and precious as life. But I see it differently. I see it as a means with which to take stock and assess what you’ve done and achieved with the days that have already passed, and what you hope to achieve going forward.

For me – and since I’m not unique I’m sure for many other people – this way of looking at things can be useful for goal setting and providing context to what has gone before. Personally, my question was driven by the fact that – as anyone who has even a passing interest in this blog would’ve gathered – I’ve been attempting to make positive changes to my life. I’ve spoken more than a few times about my change in exercise and eating habits but have for the most part strayed away from talking about other changes I’ve tried to implement but which I’ll be talking more about this year.

Now, as the changes I’ve been making have been implemented fairly recently, let’s say over the course of the last two years, I can say that I’ve been mindful of trying to change certain things in my life for roughly 730 days. So, if I continue to make progress – and I believe I have been – I wonder what positive progress I can make in the next 730 days. In fact, I wonder what I can achieve in the next 1000 days.

1000 days from now I’ll have 15,790 days left and I think therein lies the fuel and impetus to keep moving forward, keep making progress and most importantly, making each and every day count.



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