Inquisitive: Part 9

and here is part 9 of my story. If this is the first time you’ve come across it, you can catch up on all the previous parts here too.

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By Hassan Izzo

The woman, or rather, my ‘mum’, looked pretty confused for a minute, before her chirpy disposition returned. “Unusual, but OK.”

“Thanks…. mum.” Mum left the room and I stared up at the ceiling and pondered a few things, one of them being, what is it that girls have to do again when they have a period? My mind once again reassembled everything I’d heard and learnt and it came to rest on one point of fact: that there was something that had to go inside. I felt like crying. This situation would have to be addressed yet that was true for a whole host of things. I kicked the covers off, swung my legs onto the floor and stood up. As I did so I became aware that my lower back was very sore, as was my stomach. I rubbed them both as I tottered around the…

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One comment

  1. I am surprised that being so inquisitive your character has mastered such restraint. You have thrust the reader into Claire’s body so suddenly it’s dizzying. I think I forgot how active and quick I used to move to do things when I was younger. So much energy and go go go!

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