What I got my Mum for her birthday

At Christmas I got far more creative with my lack of money in getting gifts for my mum, for her birthday I kept very simple and decided on a book –

ariana huffington


Shit me that’s a big picture, didn’t think it’d come out that big. Anyway, over the last couple of months our relationship has improved immeasurably and we’re both set on moving forward with our lives. My mum suffers from ME, something incredibly frustrating when you consider in the past she was exceptionally active, owned her own business etc.

One of the things I’ve been working on at my work program as I’ve mentioned is positive thinking and we both quite like books such as this that are in that sort of ballpark. The back has a recommendation from Susan Cain, whose book Quiet I reviewed here. Anyway, she liked it.

My mum is an excellent cook and settled on a English tea theme for the meal. Well actually, she cooked a main meal of lamb curry too. And before anyone says anything she prefers to do the cooking herself and no that isn’t a critique on my cooking skills per se, just that there are levels, she’s Premier League, I’m Championship. And I washed up.

FullSizeRender (5)
Scones, three different kinds of cake, cream, jam, chocolate sauce, good stuff



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