Bipolar diary – three months alcohol free

And I have to say I don’t miss it in the slightest. It hasn’t been the great cure-all I thought it would be – another win for naivete there – but I certainly fare better without alcohol than I do with it.

I’ve had two or three times where I’ve had the slight craving for a pint, actually there was one time I fancied several. I know something had pissed me off that day, and there had been minor annoyances the other times I fancied a drink too, but in everyday life and in the little socialising I’ve done this year, I haven’t missed it at all. I don’t have a problem being around alcohol either, and actually much prefer it if people do drink around me and behave as they normally would.

Of all the things I’ve been told and read about bipolar, all the dos and don’ts and ways to help yourself, cutting out alcohol has by far been the easiest, which, you know, considering how big a part of my life it was in terms of socialising, is kinda surprising I guess. All I know is that at some point you just get bored of being dysfunctional. It gets annoying that other people can switch off after drinking and get back to normality and live their lives, have jobs, function, whilst for you drinking either sends you….well, in the direction of one extreme or the other, let’s leave it at that because the absence of alcohol is a very positive thing and it would be silly to temper that in any way with talk of symptoms.

Here’s to another alcohol free month.


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