Book Review – Eat That Frog

Within this slight, 117 page, easily read, well executed book, you are given a variety of tips, techniques and tactics which you can use to make better use of your time, become more productive and ultimately achieve the goals you set out to achieve. That is the essence of what the author hopes to impart to you and I can quite happily say that I’ve already found it extremely helpful and I know that it will be one of those books that I come back to time and again to remind myself of all the advice.


Before I go any further about the book specifically, I want to quickly go over how this book came into my life, because it goes back to things I’ve spoken of before, like how sometimes it seems as if the universe is trying communicate with you.

Our house is currently on the market and after not having any luck with a traditional estate agent, we decided to try out Tepilo, which, to save time, I’ll just describe as a sort of DIY estate agent.

A couple of weeks ago a guy got in contact to say he was interested. He came round, had a look and explained that he was a property investor who bought properties, turned them into flats and then sold them on. When we sat down to discuss things further, what transpired was something that if I scripted it would seem too convenient. He asked why we were moving and my mum explained we couldn’t afford the mortgage anymore and it wasn’t something that would change anytime soon because she cannot work at the moment due to having ME.

This guy then opened up about his own story, saying how his life had taken one bad turn after another for him a few years ago until he found himself practically homeless at 29, before finding a job and doing an evening course in business and slowly building up to where he was today, a spectacular difference when you consider that he has won awards for his work within property redevelopment and now had an impressive portfolio behind him. He shared all of this with us and then started talking about his belief in positive thinking, to which my mum and I both chimed in that we were the same, whatever the problems are now, they won’t be problems forever etc.

He then started talking about books that had helped him, before making a list of specific ones that he recommended we read. Eat That Frog was on the list. He looked at me and asked what my plans were. I didn’t want to go into my whole life story, we’d already been speaking for a while, so I didn’t say anything about bipolar, or being halfway through a work program or that I myself was currently building myself up from my own personal low point and had plans to be in a job soon and would be looking to be renting my own flat and staying in London when we sell the house. So I just said that I was looking for work but that I’d be OK. He asked how old I was. At it happens, I’m also 29 (in fact I turned 29 exactly two months ago today), the same age he was when he started his journey. Weird coincidence eh.

The whole thing was a strange coincidence, to have someone with the story he had come into our home at the same time my mum and I have recently been reaffirming our commitments to be open only to positivity and moving forward with our lives. There was a certain synchronicity to the meeting that took place.


So, back to the book, and to be honest, if you just glance through it quickly, you may see chapter headings like ‘Prepare thoroughly before you begin’ or ‘Plan every day in advance’ and think that it is purely stuff you already know, or that you don’t need a book to tell you that kinda stuff. But that would be to miss out on good, solid, proven techniques on getting more done.

As for someone like me who only recently discovered they were suffering from bipolar, this book has entered my life at exactly the right time. As I finally know what I’m dealing with, everything I do is geared towards how to deal with it, work with it and get stuff done. Time management is essential when dealing with bipolar and even in just a couple of weeks, implementing some of the things I’ve read in this book has been invaluable.

To end then, although I suppose it would appear obvious, I genuinely highly recommend this book.

As to why it’s called Eat That Frog, click on the picture below to read the blurb.



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